Simon Nelson
Jul 23

A UK Tour ?.


Hi Jeff, Do you have any plans to do a UK tour. Would love to see you over here but if not then I would hope that the next time I visit my family over there then we can catch a show. Think you would do well over here.


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  • Mindy &
    Feb 25, 2018

    I just heard the teaser from Jan.'s newsletter. WOW!! I am looking forward to more and anxiously awaiting the whole album! Any idea of when it will be available????!!!!
  • Steve Carriere
    Feb 12, 2018

    Jeff: Did you have the opportunity to lay down any tracks or demos with the band? And now that you are moving in a different direction, will anything you may have presented to the band see the light of day in your own creations?
  • Julie Ann Tipton
    Jan 28, 2018

    From touring the past 18 months, what was YOUR favorite thing that you shared with the boys, and what was the thing you think they will most remember?
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